Saturday, December 29, 2007

Chicken w/ head cut off day

What to do:
Pick up BOOMING sound system for ass-offing dance grooves at the Preemptive New Years Party.
Help decorate for said party
Prepare song for the lovely Jena's wedding tomorrow
Ready the 4 hours of music that makes the people shake it, after her wedding
Consider again that last night session guys in Nashville absolutely killed Led Zep IV, in sequence, and the returned to stage for Dancing Days, Kashmir, Whole Lotta Love, Heartbreaker, Immigrant's Song, etc., with guest vocalists that did a fantastic job. Battle of Evermore was beautiful.

I had some fear about these days in between. It's been great. I had a key lunch yesterday with my friend Eric, where once again, someone reminded me the truth about myself, and got me back into the space I needed to be in to be present. To be myself.

Made my first spinach pasta - and it was fantastic. Burnt the bread, and a finger, but I'm glad because if it went too perfectly, I'd be afraid to try again.

On to prepare...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve...

Life is full of little rescues. They come upon me, not only when I least expect it, but when I least think I need one.

I've been down with some viral/throat/sinus fun. And my pal Thomas leaned in to me about staying active, as my family is in Maryland for a wedding. I found laughter at the Christmas Eve service at Redeemer. Sitting with new and old friends. I didn't know how to react to the words I was hearing and reading, the way my heart was listening, and the thoughts that came and went while it all proceeded. The sermon spoke of Heavenly Host singing Peace to shepherds. Because God knew then and knows now that we need it. That may have been when I laughed to myself. God knows I need it now, and His gift to me is peace.

I found comfort in the voices of many friends singing Christmas songs. It's strange that with so many amazing musicians, playing music together at gatherings is the last thing we think to do. There was just a sweet energy to the house when we sang. The best part was probably Charlie Peacock and Jeff Roach alternating on toy piano, with Kenny Meeks taking a fantastic guitar solo on Blue Christmas. The finale of Feliz Navidad that lasted 4 verses longer than it could have. I'm watching "Dancing at Lughnasa" while I write and it's not unlike the feeling they got when the wireless starting playing irish dance tunes. A gradual eruption into joy.

I'm headed to the Dente house today. It will be sweet. We'll play FIFA soccer on the Xbox, drink some belgian goodness, and just be together, which is easy there. And so enjoyable. It's a house of love over there.

So, today, it's quiet. And I'm still sick. But I've found a piece of happiness in where life has me today. I'm feeling powerfully naive and hopeful somehow. I was reminded again last night - in the church bells of England, the singing masses, and the single candle I held, the laughter - the story is true. Peace is here. Happy Christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Now you see it...


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Live through this...

I'm in Oklahoma, and there are large trees split from the raining and freezing. It's winter with a less beautiful bent. More of an angry manner to it. Something about the cold and a new city each day that settles heavily on my shoulders. We're wrapping up the tour this weekend, and I'm excited to tolerate this weather from my home.

This has been a fantastic show for us. A great tour. We've gotten in front of lots of folks, and enjoyed every moment performing these songs. I'm really grateful.

So, the itunes has been sorted again. Today I was wrapping some gifts for the kids, and letting itunes have its way. This was something that came up, and I recalled the video, which is perfect for the season. A fantastic song, too. "There's one thing I want to say, so I'll be brave..." More FlibbiTV.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happily chased by the Beatles, Radiohead. Or, am I my own Gene Kelly?

We left Nashville in "small business owner mode" doing our best to butter up retailers on Tuesday, and this fell smack dab in the middle of our days off at home. So we opted to spend a day off in Austin, a good midway point between gigs. This meant I got to spend a day with the glowing and lovely Bananie.

After some solo retail therapy, she picked me up and drove to a great coffee shop to camp out. Kid A provided the soundtrack as we began what was for me a cathartic day. There is so much life in sitting with someone I love, and sharing our stories. So much life in just being together. I laughed more than I have in a long time, and accessed some sadness that has been hovering for a while now. I feel like I got some traction. I was aware in the littlest things of how our lives are strangely woven together, and how much that matters.

Entering her second trimester, like most moms-to-be, nausea is a given, and energy comes and goes like a mysterious wind (so I've been told, heh.)...well, Annie was incredible, and we actually lasted through lots of shopping (to a Beatles/Radiohead soundtrack EVERYWHERE we went - just coincidence?) a great meal at the Clay Pit, a fantastic Indian restaurant and ended the night with some Pogues, Crowded House, and Beatles at the Ginger Man, a groovy Texas pub. What a trooper!

This has helped set the table for the next space in life for me. I'm not going to be the creepy guy living in my own basement. There's plenty of individual work to do. I get that. But my hope is balance. Use some of the time I have this season to get in front of the people I love and be with them.

Sweet isn't even the word. It was life-giving...somehow life-affirming. It's that warm feeling deep down inside that you can't explain, that makes you happy to know a friend and know a friend's love.