Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For a smile: play, listen, repeat.

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Blogger Mary Collins said...

Josh saw these guys live and was blown away. He couldn't believe it... the crowd was completely in love with them.

You need to ask Josh about it.

9:41 PM

Blogger mrs metaphor said...

I want to be one of them when the night comes. It makes me just want to buy the world a coke or something...

10:54 PM

Blogger Matthew Smith said...

I listen to this record all the time with my son-- it's childlike enough to qualify as children's music. Favorite track: "Treehouse"

But this video kind of creeped me out.

Good to see you the other night, hope you make it over to the eastside more often!

12:17 PM

Blogger Josefine said...

What the heck?! How did you even find this? These are my friends. Well, some of them are... They're Swedish. Had NO idea they'd gone across the ocean. That's hillarious!

1:53 PM

Blogger Randall said...

Thanks a lot. I've been singing this for a week now. Will it ever stop?

9:06 AM

Blogger sixsteps said...

If you like this single you should check out the rest of the album. In over a decade I have never seen a better group on stage. Simply amazing!

10:29 PM


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