Monday, July 30, 2007

32 and counting....

I've neglected to speak of my birthday. 32 years ago I was born around 6am. The celebration this year was a sweet time. I received lots of remembrances. My friend Joel told me they had my name in the paper with Kevin Bacon's as people of note who had birthdays that day. 6 degrees indeed. Hah. Angelica Houston, too, I think.

My book buddy Carlen gave me a hilarious card and my first Potter book. Imagine that. When I tell friends I haven't read any of the series, they look at me as if we use an outhouse at our home. Yes, I'm late on this one. The fellas got me a gift card for Barney Noble's Library(as a taxi cab driver once called it).

At home, where we have indoor plumbing, Lis made a cake, and we opened gifts. The best cake in the world, as far as I'm concerned. Homemade chocolate, with homemade chocolate icing. Whew.
My mom made that every year for me. A lot of love went into that. What I have grown out of is the request for creamed corn at dinner. Not so much anymore.
A flaming fury of candles shaped in a 32. I had lots of help blowing out the candles.
I opened some gifts as well. I received a lot of fun stuff from the gap.
Ella made me a heart at the ceramic art place. That one got me good.

I went out that night with Lis, David and Susan, and Scott and Christine. It was a great meal at Ichiban, one of the best sushi places in Nashville. Lis was a trooper, I'm sure she hated that - not a big fish fan. All in all, a good day. I felt love from all over, and put some of that in the bank.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Maybe I'm amazed...

The summer feels like it's over. Probably because I stare at my calender and I see no gaps. The family calender on the table just says "SHOW" so God knows where I'll be, or if my family will know. Hah.

Maybe the better thing to say is my summer at home is over. Most of that time has been spent working on the house where our contractor quit (bastard), or driving to the studio in Nashville to create at breakneck speeds. The pace and feel of life right now is tough. I feel like I'm always teetering on the brink of a freak out or a shut down. I need to find the freedom to ask for what I need right now. Actually, I need to find out what I need. Hah. Good.

The world is alive to me right now...all things considered, that's good. I've chosen to be alive in it. The circumstances outside of work are not good. The work is good, but the hours are crazy. The schedule is impossible, and I await the other shoe to drop. We soldier on, right? Good.

I remember as a kid feeling like everyday had a mystery and a wonder all its own. Especially during the summer. I think I can have that now, too. It just feels buried underneath. In spite of evidence to the contrary, today and always I am a restored son of the sovereign Lord. Good.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Newfound beauty...

This is a musical/visual mixture with some Antonio Carlos Jobim & Elis Regina, Audrey Hepburn, João & Astrud Gilberto, a dash of Stan Getz, sprinkled with Os Mutantes.

It describes this feeling I have of riding in a car on a warm fall morning, the ground still wet from the night's rain, with the early sun overwhelming my eyes, as I fight through the light to look out the window, anticipating a lovely meeting with someone who makes my heart climb up into my throat, making it difficult to talk.


Greg Kurstin & Inara George in all their classic '60s lounge pop art glory. Just listen. Or watch. I can't speak for the record yet, but I love this track. Again and again.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

On independence day...

in which celebrate the strength to push against a king who enforced his own rule of law, for the betterment of no one but himself and those he cared about. Not extending a justice that was for all people.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Crap and Pain!

My good friend Thomas, found here, got his blog rated, and I thought it'd be good to get rated as well. Turns out I'm pretty risque. Based on how often I use "crap and pain" in my blog.

Online Dating

I'm thinking now of changing my writing angles up to include more blogs about poo and ouchies.