Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New season.

I'm happy to be posting again.

Life is up and running a bit, but there is still so much left to be sorted through. One help has been a new computer...much continued love to Bananie. It's allowed me to catch up on lots of paperwork and stay more connected. I've cut losses from the robbery, and I'm pretty excited for what's ahead.

One of the best breaths of life I've received lately has been the group of couples that I've known for a few years that have been moving intentionally towards living authentically, together. I've known the guys in the group for over 3 years, and walked through the fire with them. Their spouses have also been on a similar journey, and to see it lived out in their lives together is inspiring to me. It's a big gathering of 5 families. Lots of kids.

We're from different backgrounds, with stories uniquely our own, and yet the similarities run deep. We are broken people, committing to do life together. I'm slowing understanding that this is part of how I understand the Gospel. This is how I become the man I want to be. This is who I'm becoming; who I've become. We are communally constructed.


This picture is from a game night we had, playing Dread Pirate. So much fun. At this point, I'd become the Dread Pirate, and Joe, who is physically more pirate than any of us, gave me his personal spoils after I defeated him. Unfortunately, this didn't keep up through the end of the night. I eventually lost all my pirate booty. But I did leave with a new name, as I was giving it all away by the end of the game.

Friends, welcome the Love Pirate.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Missing pieces...

I was at IKEA buying some furniture. My dad had come from Illinois to help transport, in his pickup truck. I rented a uhaul. We had big hopes. I am REALLY happy with what I got. Well, in one day we rocked it to Atlanta, ate swedish meatballs, shopped for EVERYTHING and started to head home. Upon loading the truck, we discovered my dad's pickup had been broken into...

Our "friend" made off with my Timbuk2 computer bag which contained:
My g4 powerbook, which had:
all my pictures not backed up since '06...including the recent trip to Kenya and Rwanda.
My harddrive, which had:
all my music, not backed up since '06.
Most tragically, my moleskin notebook which had:
a few letters I'd written, never to send.
reflections and thoughts about our experience in the villages.
a few songs, yet to be written.

My heart is sad for that. Especially the thoughts and songs. The "gold" I brought home from my trip has been stolen. Granted, it's here inside, somewhere. But it will take more work to access that. And I'm pretty weary. Blech. What a year for a new year.