Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy returns...

I returned home Friday from Rwanda. Many, many hours on the plane. Lots of writing and music, to help access the heart and head connection. Lots of deep sighs, like something is exiting my spirit. A birthday party at the fantastically trendy "Cabana" reminded me of how out of place I can feel in places like that. Given where I had been 24 hrs earlier, it was a helluva transition. It reminded me of something from Upton Sinclair's The Jungle. Can you say meat market?
Well, the next day involved 2, yes 2 fall festivals. Here's some pics from Pumpkin Fest, downtown Franklin.
Evan has been consuming civil war stories like candy corn...and it followed that he wanted to dress as a union soldier. Here pictured with Boba Fett. Evan says Janga Fett. I say Boba. Boba tea.
After a little convincing, Ella dove in for pictures. Also got shots with Queen Amadalla and Princess Leia.
Ok, I'm a fan, too.
From there we went to El Dia de los Muertos, at Cheekwood, a beautiful plot of land in west Nashville, with lots of art and lots of gardens. I remember a commitment in my heart that I'd return here a few more times. I'm considering a membership in the new year.
Lots of space for contemplation. This is the bamboo garden - there are a few places like this that seem to naturally absorb tension.
There were amazing crafts for the kids to do there, peasant style tacos (cilantro, diced onion, strange meats), Jarritos (fantastically oversugared mexican sodas) and Las Palatas (fantastically fantastic popsicles with real fruit). Evan and Chloe Dente are working on painting gourds.
Ella got some time with her best friend in the whole wide world, Julia. Her folks, Dave & Susan, the Dentes and I all did the circuit.
Lastly, there were scarecrows displayed with different themes. I had to snap a pic of this one. "Sunday Night Socialite." Fantastically trashy scarecrow.
I feel like the weekend was a long hug to my family, a welcome back from friends, and I'm one step closer to making it home again.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Woopsie daisies....

Change of plans. I intended to head home tonight but it seems I've somehow been elected leader of a coup. What kind of coup, I'm not sure, but it's being fought in the hills somewhere.


Turn on, tune in, drop out, people. Kill your television. Steal this blog. The revolution starts now.

Monday, October 22, 2007


So, as suspected, upon arrival in Kenya, I got my answer. I'm so glad to have come. My heart is re-engaging with Blood:Water, and I'm seeing a lot of personal work opportunities. Pen to paper, iPod shuffling. There's lots of healing sadness, joy, and hope to come through this.
Jena Lee, the director for Blood:Water has put together a great trip, and a great group of people to go. Some board members, Dan, and I. I should add that she gets married in 2 months. Amazing that she does all of this, and does it so well.
Here Jena and I eat some rabollo. Essentially, your mini-bananas. These would not fly in the US, as they are not super-sized.
Our first few days were spent living in the village where we've put in a clinic. Doing life out there is hard to describe. Terrifying. Pleasant. Mysterious. Beautiful. Here's the sunset from that first night.
I brought my birthday FIFA ball from the Dentes with me, and found great use there. It has a new home. This is Arestus. He played with me for quite a while, before it got too popular for us to continue in that manner. I should add that this is one of only a few times Arestus wore pants. According to his mother, he starts out with pants, but disagrees with them over time. Shirts, no problem.
Picture here are Peter, Suzi, Rose, Ezekiel...faithful staff at the clinic. Since opening last year they've seen over 6k people. Prevented many children from dying from malaria, just by simple blood test, diagnosis, and drugs. We hope to get HIV testing there, too. It was an out of body experience to work in the clinic. It's hard to describe, but I felt like I was watching myself from behind most of the time. Equal parts sad and joyful.
This is where I'll leave off. We visited some of the sites where we've put wells in, and heard from the women's groups that organized their communities. I've gotten to hug them, sing with them, dance with them, laugh with them, and even spoke in Luo to them. This picture is a familiar greeting as our van would drive up to the village. Much ceremony. Fully-embodied gladness.
The next picture is some orphan girls that danced for us. Their story of adoption by their community, the beauty of that dance...
It's really hard to relay this. I'm overwhelmed. The rain is falling in Rwanda now, and it's somehow a comfort in writing this. Joy, sadness, hope, beauty. Thank God for this.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

FlibbiTV...playing the hits.

I'm in California. Floating a bit, but then crashing on the rocks periodically. The tough conversations, check lists, opportunities to hope, and truth of all colliding in my head. It stills my hands, and glazes my eyes.

At night there are rabbit holes. I follow them around and stop short of apocalyptic ends, finding hope again in the things of the moment. God, it's hard work to stay there.

As I get ready for Kenya and Rwanda on Tuesday, I am playing the win/lose. Maybe it's my upbringing, maybe it's plain fear, maybe it's human nature. Maybe all of that. There's a sacrifice in leaving right now; the win in this won't be known until we touch down in Nairobi. Yet, the best thing for me right now may be to leave the country.

It will be a slow give. And I will come back different. Right now I wonder how that will impact the next few months. Ugh. One day at a time, or rather, as Bananie has said, one moment at a time. Always love.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Future unfettered.

Love, love is a verb
Love is a doing word
Fearless on my breath
Gentle impulsion
Shakes me makes me lighter
Fearless on my breath

Teardrop on the fire
Fearless on my breath

Yes, I'm late to some modern classics. This is no exception. I had this on repeat tonight all the way to CA. Something resolved and defiant about the melody. I am full of future prayers tonight, and this melody helped me fly.

The video interpretation brings new perspective. Rebirth.

Massive Attack, Teardrops. As relative now as 1998.