Sunday, December 31, 2006

Pre-emptive New Year, Part 3

It was on last night at a photography studio in downtown Nashville. A great opportunity to see friends rarely seen, and shake shake shake. A small cover charge, and we raised a little bit for blood:water mission, too.
A lot has happened this year. Old friends are reminders of constancy in change. It's good to look around and see those faces, especially as we close out a year, and ring in the next.
I held it down with my powerbook and the harddrive known on my desktop as "the party." The vibe was fantastic - christmas lights, old sci-fi movies projected on a huge white wall. I can't fail to mention that a good friend brought a big ole' Chimay.
Rihanna's Pon De Replay kicked out a spontaneous line dance.

I should explain that the historic (3 years running) roots of this event are born of some pre-emptive jokes about US foreign policy, and also the drag it is to get a babysitter on New Years' Eve. That's virtually impossible.

I hope your New Year leads you to some new sense of purpose, health, and hope. Cheers!

Friday, December 15, 2006

For Your Inner Child

I found this the other day. A good moment to connect to the inner child, make a mess, and get creative!

Friday, December 01, 2006


I'm set to leave town for a week, to do some heart work. Before I left, I wanted to post a picture of my furry face, as I intend on shaving it off the day I return.
I hope your thanksgiving was sweet and full of gratitude. I'm learning that gratitude is turn-key for me to enjoying life in its fullness.

Also - I heard a story recently of a man that worked with Mother Theresa for a time, and was asked by her how she could pray for him. He said,"Clarity." Her response, paraphrased, was something like,"I will not pray for you to have clarity. That will keep you from trusting God. I will pray that you trust God."

I hope that you find gratitude and freedom to trust God in this season.