Saturday, October 23, 2004

So this IS the new year....

Hi. Umm.

So, I just got Death Cab's record. Yes, this is a late purchase. Not as current and cool as I'd prefer. But, come on, if one breaks ground all the time, wouldn't that get dull and uninteresting?

Which leads to - ANOTHER blog? Not so groundbreaking, either. Why this, why now? That first song on the Death Cab record resonates with this so appropriately. It's a bit of a set off onto a new communication. A new expression. A new art. This is quite an intense freedom and constraint. Quite something to have more and less to say at the same time, I think. Hang on, who really needs to read this drivel?

In one respect, this is about my story. But, the best part of life has been the pleasure of intersecting with others' stories. A reoccuring theme here, I'm sure. It's also about the stories I've had the pleasure of hearing. Yes, and the plain-old updates on the ordinary days, too. I hope some of this is endearing, and some of this is offensive - every good thing that's changed me for the better was a bit from both. A lofty first posting "goal."

I'm assuming at some point there will be a community invited. Not sure when I'll throw that party. Until then, thanks for checking in and being a part of the story.


Friday, October 22, 2004

checking, test, one, two, three....

Here we go.